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We are North America’s leading design/build contractor specializing in tensioned fabric structures. We custom design and build high performance and natural light fabric structures for a wide variety of markets including: Airports & Transportation, Retail, Hospitality, Stadiums & Sports Arenas, Amphitheaters and much more. For a catalog of superior fabric architecture design projects in more than 7 building categories, visit our online portfolio.

FabriTec's unique tensile membrane fabric structures are the showcase projects that demonstrate what we can achieve utilizing fabric in architecture. Expanding the boundaries of function and form since 1991, FabriTec's designs enhance the landscape through inspiration and technical superiority. Our mast-supported, arch and frame-supported, and point-supported tensile membrane structures create an attractive focal point for any venue ranging from the simply profound to the spectacular. FabriTec Structures designs and builds with today's most advanced architectural fabrics including ETFE, PTFE and PVC (Vinyl Coated Polyester).

As tensile membrane roofing systems increasingly become a cost-effective, more sustainable alternative to traditional building materials and preferred, esthetically appealing option for architects, engineers and designers, FabriTec will continue to provide the imagination and innovation to turn tension fabric structure design concepts into striking reality.

Be inspired by our portfolio of featured work, taking you from concept to construction to reality.