Tension Structure Design and Construction for Entertainment and Leisure Industries

Entertainment & leisure

From amphitheaters to amusement parks to hotels and family fun parks, FabriTec Structures’ innovative and imaginative designs in tension fabric architecture have helped shaped how people enjoy their days off.

Architectural fabrics’ ability to span long distances without intermediate trusses, mean more, better and wider viewing angles for audiences at outdoor theatres, while the translucent properties of PTFE and PVC membranes actually cool the surfaces below them for added comfort.

Tensioned fabric structures can be applied in just about application you can think of, common applications include, but are by no means limited to: building facades, tensile membrane roofing, parking structure canopies, porte-cocheres, poolside cabanas, walkways, animal exhibit or art installation shades, grand entrances and rooftop dining canopies.

Have a look at our portfolio of custom-designed PTFE, ETFE and PVC fabric structures designed specifically for the entertainment and leisure industries by clicking on any of the completed projects in this photo gallery.