• Gila River Lone Butte Casino
  • BC Place Stadium Vancouver BC, Canada ETFE Tension Fabric Structure Retractable Stadium Membrane Roofing
    BC Place Stadium - Vancouver BC, Canada
  • Rosa Parks Transit Center
  • SkySong ASU
    SkySong ASU
  • MGM Transit Center Las Vegas Mast Supported PTFE Tension Fabric Structure Tensile Membrane Roof
    MGM Transit Center
  • London Olympic Stadium Point-Supported PTFE Tensile Membrane Tension Fabric Structure London England
    London Olympic Stadium - London, England
We Are a Leader in Architectural Fabric Structure Design, Innovation and Construction

FabriTec's unique tensile membrane fabric structures demonstrate what we can achieve utilizing fabric in architecture.

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Tensile structures for biergartens Tensile structures for biergartens? Ya!
These 24-foot-long inverted cone structures will be scattered around a beautiful park that hosts a famous beer festival.
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